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Low cost GPRS+Inputs module




I am looking for a module that will allow me to sample a few inputs and transmit them to a web server over GPRS connection. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Minimum of
    1. 4 Digital Inputs
    2. 1 Analog Input
  2. Connectivity through GPRS/GSM to the cloud. SIM card will be supplied separately.
  3. The module will send the current values of the inputs every few seconds or upon programmed events
  4. The module will connect to the server on the cloud through a Web Interface (SOAP interface)
  5. The module can either be programmed/configured to change different parameters and behaviors
  6. The module power should be stabilized and uses 8-25VDC as input voltage
  7. Costs of components <$80 (if possible)
  8. Up to 1500 units are expected to be purchased over a period of 2 years
  9. Option to embed code in module and server that will only allow a specific this module to communicate with our server


Any recommendations will be appreciated.



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    Hi, Noam


    The solution is very simple. A GSM module plus a MCU is ok. The price is definely lower than your budget. My company can manufacture it for you. How about the requirement of module shape and size?

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      Hello John,


      Some questions:

      1. Who is your company?

      2. We need to program the behavior of the device so in certain conditions the device will sample the data more often than in normal ones. Can this be done?

      3. Regarding the size - The best option is to fit on DIN rail so it will be best installed, but if you already have something ready, let me see it.

      4. We need a stable power supply - to allow the solution to function within the range specified. Is this included too in the packaging?

      5. The solution should include the Antenna too and the standard connectors.

      6. How many Analog inputs do you supply? What is the A/D resolution? Can it use Voltage (0-10V) or Current (0-20ma)?


      Thank you,


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        Hi, Noam


        The answers are:

        1, The company is Hongkong Haoyang International Limited, a product design and manufacturing company.

        2, Yes.

        3, Could you give me a email. Let's show it.

        4, The power supply is included in the packaging.

        5, A 3dB antenna and SMA connector are included.

        6, The number of Analog inputs and A/D resolution depend on your demand. One solution is MCU(12 bits, one channel)with resister divider can use 0-10V or 0-20mA. Another solution is ADC chip(24 bits, 2 channel, 10V, PIN Impedance 110Kohm).

        email: johnwang9876@gmail.com




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    One solution is done yourself. Order GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G Module and MCU. If you need I will guide you how to design!


    www.proe.vn- Your M2M Experts

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    ... If not too late. We have a module which can be configured for digital / Analog w/GPS option. Battery operated with full diagnostics.

    You can change parameters of the attached equipment ( if possible ). API configurable by the customer.

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    Hi Noam,


    IF you are looking for 3G SIM voice/SMS/Data,  we have a low cost solution for you not only in your country, but across the globe.  There are traps or catches.  A true international sim card.