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Battery Operated M2M near real time com


Could someone start me out in the right direction for a system design.  Currently, I program a Static IP in a MultiTech iCell with persistant connection setup.  I power the iCell modem up once an hour in the field and send a TCP packet.  Now, I need to be able to call that iCell unit in the field using the IP given to the iCell by Verizon or the phone number.  The iCell will be always powered up now.  Here is what I need help on:  I don't know the IP the iCell device got to call it via IP.  I don't know how to use the phone number to call the device using a PC program written in VB.  Is there a way to call a remote modem when ever it is time for a command packet to be sent to my device?  I am now trying to be able to interrogate a serial device with a host initiated call rather than just waiting for the status packet every hour.  thank you.