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Develop on a LTE network



I am currently designing my senior project for university and will be working with a Sierra Wireless MC7700 Module. I want this module to be able to connect with an LTE network for development. But Verizon and AT& T are not offering LTE for development any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Corey,


    I assume you asked for permission, but all you need is a SIM with LTE services.  This can be from your smartphone or you may be able to buy one from AT&T or Verizon.  In any case, get a SIM and use it.  Your 1 SIM won't cause any harm to the network.




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      Just to be clear, you cannot use a Verizon SIM on the MC7700 Sierra Module, since this module is GSM/LTE carriers like AT&T.   Similarly, you cannot use an AT&T SIM on the MC7750 (Verizon only)


      Just FYI - For M2M applications, both AT&T and Verizon plans have significant downside - neither allows for modem terminated traffic, at least not very easily.  That means that, if you want to send a message to a remote device, you will have to use SMS, or buy and expensive static IP SIM from Verizon.

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    look to European & Japanese carriers and MNO's Telenor, NTT

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    Hi Corey


    Agree with Curtis, first, local ISP must offer LTE network. Then you can get a SIM card from them to start your development.





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    Hi Corey,

    First, local Operators must offer LTE network.I think Verizon and AT& T have it.

    Second, Mc7710 Module is better than MC7700. MC7700 is good for hspa+ network!

    Third, E-lins technology have good M2M solution support your development.

    Good luck!