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modem works as TCP server


IP Modem Server

When the IP modem works as TCP server, it means it always wait the Client IP Modem for connection and then communicate each other. So it must have a fixed IP and specified Port for Client logging. Now let me configure IP Modem as a TCP Server:

1, configure Network, the purpose is to tell IP Modem PPP’s APN Username Password Call Center, if  it’s all right, when the IP Modem get online, it’ll get a Fix IP which bind with your sim card. Of course, you must apply the fix IP to the wireless service provider.


2,Trigger Type, 

Normally, DTU always keeps online and always be ready for data transmission. But

in some circumstances, it’s important to reduce wireless data flow. To realize this

function, the software can makes DTU into sleep state in idle time. When there is

application data to transmit, DTU can be triggered online ready for data transmission.

Here, we make a selection as AUTO

3,configure IP Modem WorkMode , you know IP Work can work as server mode , and it can work other mode, such as PORT, TRNS,etc.. so we must make a selection as TCP SVR to make the IP Modem work as TCP Server.

4,Main Center Addr+Port :

Here ,we just configure Listening Port (specified Port), and Addr It’s not useful. for example Port is 5001.


5,ok. Now client “Enter communication status”, one moment, on PC terminal you can connect to your fixed IP and port(5001), or you can telnet IP 5001,for example your IP modem fixed IP is, you can telnet 5001, please attention: telnet 5001 port, not 23.

If you found the PC cann’t connect with IP modem. You can use telnet to check.

6, when you are free, I will use a IP modem as server in our company, your pc can connect to our modem server and send some data to check connection is broken or not.


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