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Moving SIMs between Service Providers


How difficult is it to move SIMs between Service Providers? What are some of the challenges that I need to be aware of as a customer and for the Service Providers? How costly would this be?

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    falewis68 Novice

    This can be very tricky as it involves sharing secret key values form "Service Provider A" HLR to "Service Provider B" HLR.  This will require coordination between the Service Providers and some amount of cost as well.. Good luck..

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    Curtis Govan Expert

    I echo the previous response.  Service Providers will be very reluctant to share details about their SIMs, as it puts all or a significant portion of their SIMs at risk. 


    From a cost perspective, the current Service Provider has no incentive to cooperate with the move of the SIMs.  Hence, their cooperation will come at a significant cost.