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    Hi Ali,


    What kind of application are you working on?  Please give some details about your project so we can best help you.


    If you want one machine to communicate to another machine or back to a central system, you may want to add communication hardware or software to allow for the implementation of the application.


    For example if you have a serial device you want to communicate back to your office you may want to add a device server that communicates over GPRS.  Then you can use the cellular network for the communication.  It is set up with a free software utility and comes with VxServer software.  GT-541 utilizes virtual COM ports so it is like the devices are directly connected to your computer.


    GT-541: $599.00  Intelligent Multiport Serial to GPRS Gateway


    GT-541 Application



    best regards,


    Maria Lemone

    ICP DAS USA, Inc.1-888-971-9888     ext 105




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      Hi Dear Maria,

      Thanks for your reply !.

      We need to completed M2M solutions for Voice and data.so must be including as below modules:

      NMS , CRM, Billing,...

      Pls update me if you have such this solutions.

      Best Regards,


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      Hi Maria, we currently use an old GPRS module from Hongdian and need to replace it soon.  We are looking for a very low cost module that will connect to one of our own RS232 control board which is the interface to our sensors. These boards generate data strings that are transmitted using the modules (Hondian call them DTUs or Data Termination Units).

      I believe that the GT541 can do the work but the price you published is extremely high, do you have more items that we can take a look at?

      I will visit your site anyway but if we can have a phone call that wold be great.


      My phone number is Mexico is +5255 5202 0583




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    Hi Ali,


    Are you looking for a wireless services managment platform?  What's your company's business?




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    Hola, Hi!


    I want to learn how to implement a proyect with m2m?

    Deseo aprender como puedo implementar un proyecto m2m?


    Gracias, Thanks!

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      Hi Alejandro,


      Can you please be a specific and share with us what is it that you want to achieve?


      The simple answer is as follows:

      1- Get a GPRS/GSM modem

      2 - Connect the modem to your PC via serial port

      3 - Develop an application that does something useful and talks over the serial port issuing AT commands.


      That's it! This is obviously in a nutshell but may be able to include more info based on your elaborations.



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        we sell M2M platforms as a complete roll out:

        You may have your own SIM cards that operate any service you wish: USSD, SMS, GPRS, voice.

        The SIM cards operate borderless and globally.

        The small version is ready in 30 days. The large version after 90 days.


        More: networkservice.biz