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Issue with Telit CMUX




I am trying to use the CMUX feature on Telit. I am using a Telit EVK-2 with a GE864-GPS with a serial to usb converter. The serial connector is connected to the upper recepticle of the EVK-2 which is for PROG/DATA. I'm using the Telit Serial Port Mux 3.0 software. OK so I do get 4 virtual ports when I run the CMUX software.


COM3--the port which is physically connected to the EVK-2.


Then I have 4 virtual ports







The problem is that when I send AT commands using any of the virtual ports, I get no response, the hyperterminal and PuTTY, both get stuck. If I send AT commands using COM3 which is the physically connected port, it works fine. I understand one of the ports is for python debug and etc. But I am getting the same reaction from all the ports.


I have gone through the Telit guides as well. Any help and advice on the issue will be truly appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.