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registration deied


Please tolerance my inexperience. I am working first time with Telit modules. Altought I encounter easy problem but not solve very easy. Thanks for your concern and understanding again.


I am decisive to work module.



I understood your last post and checked it. I set gpio_4 to general purpose IO and it's last status shown at below codes.




#GPIO: 1,0




Now, there isnt any corruption for TX transmission. After this configuration I checked the module. But the module was not work.


Please help. I attached last status log file. I want to start at first. I think there is en easy fault in system.


Thanks. Best Regards.

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    Your status appears to move between searching, connected and denied. Could it be you simply have poor coverage or perhaps your antenna is faulty?

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      Hi and Thank you Sandy for your answer. I think the signal is good but the power supply is weak. I will change my regulator. I had used LM350T. I will change it.


      #MONI: TR TURKCELL BSIC:63 RxQual:0 LAC:C9B3 Id:8769 ARFCN:12 PWR:-69dbm TA:3