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Issues with TELIT EVK2 / GE865-QUAD Interface board(s)


Hey everyone,


I've spent the better part of today being frusterated in trying to establish a Serial connection to a TELIT EVK2 Development board, using a GE865-QUAD Interface board. 


My current configuration is to use the AT Command Serial port (uppermost  of the 2 on the board), with connections to the RX/TX lines of the port.  It appears that I am able to connect to the port, as my AT commands are being echoed back on the RX pin of my RS-232 connection, but when I send a <CR> the Telit module doesn't respond with an status (i.e: OK, ERROR, or <DATA>)   All 10 jumpers for RS232/USB are set to RS232, and to my knowledge none of the other board jumpers should affect the data port selection.


My computer is using a baud rate of 115200, with 8-n-1 (8 data bytes, No parity, 1 stop bit).  I have tried using both a USB-Serial convertor (since my computer doesn't have a native RS-232 port) as well as using an older dell with Native RS-232 port with the same settings, and no luck.  I have also used PORTMON.exe to monitor the input/output of the serial port, and have verified that the computer is sending all characters correctly (not as valid a test as an external protocol sniffer, but I don't have hands on one right now)


Am I missing something?  I have also followed the manufacturers guidelines for initialization: power on, then connect data port.  No go.


Thoughts & comments would be greatly appreciated.


- Judson