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#SSEND Telit Module


I have the EVK2 using the GC864-QUAD-V2, trying to send data over a open Socket, but the module just sent 1 byte why? Once I stablish a connection with a remote server, I can receive the data from the server using the SRING and then read the buffer. But when I try to send data using the AT#SSEND=1, then wait for the prompt '>' and use: res = MDM.send('Some text', 0) res = MDM.sendbyte(0x1a, 0) #CTRL - Z res = MDM.receive(40) but the server confirm they just receive the firt byte 'S'. Is there some configuration that I need to setup on my module? o what cain of issue could be this? Thanks on advanced,

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    This is Vitaly Kurduban from Telit.


    I would be glad to support you with the below question, but unfortunately the provided description is not sufficient enough for me to understand the issue.

    I would recommend to submit your detailed request to the Telit`s Technical Support Team at http://www.telit.com/en/products/technical-support-center/contact.php


    I would also like to know where you have purchased your module from.  I  want make sure you use the best module and software combination for a  new design.

    Please provide more details and we will be more then glad to assist you with this and any other question you may have.