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ImportError: No named module exceptions


I have this error message (on the ASC1 debug) at the time I power cycle the module on my EVK2 (GC864-QUAD-V2) in order to run my script. import exceptions' failed; traceback: ImportError: No module named exceptions Warning!  Falling back to string-based exceptions Python 1.5.2+ (#0, Jan 24 2008, 14:55:00) [C] on GC864-QUAD-V2 Copyright 1991-1995 Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam RuntimeError: Bad code object in .pyc file # clear __builtin__._ # clear sys.path # clear sys.argv # clear sys.ps1 # clear sys.ps2 # clear sys.exitfunc # clear sys.exc_type # clear sys.exc_value # clear sys.exc_traceback # clear sys.last_type # clear sys.last_value # clear sys.last_traceback # restore sys.stdin # restore sys.stdout # restore sys.stderr # cleanup __main__ # cleanup sys # cleanup __builtin__ # cleanup ints: 1 unfreed int in 1 out of 1 block on my script I'm only importing this 3 libs MDM MOD SER but I could not find which one is calling this exceptions library. Does any one knows? O does any one know why I'm having this error? I'm using the Hyperterminal to download my script to the module and using the *.pyo extension file.

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    I investigate on this one, and I found that this error can be ignored, this will not affect to the sequence of the script. I test a simple script and works no matter if I receive this warning on the TRACE COM (ASC1). Some one toll me that I could also download to my module this lib (exceptions.py) in order to erase this warning using the common AT commands (AT#WSCRIPT="script.pyo",222,0) and works but I just reduce my NVM space. So I decide to delete this lib and lead witht the warning.