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ISP with M2M backbone


Hi Discussion Group

I am looking for a GPRS ISP with M2M backbone. My data is less than 1K per transmission, with as many as 10,000 per week. It can be off peak. The application will interact with automobiles in all 50 states. We are designing with off the shelf TI microprocessor and components. With our own firmware/application software

I am looking for suggestions, comments or opinions on carrier, communication companies, and certification with expect transaction fees.

Thank you - Daysman

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    I think you're going to want to talk to some carriers about supporting this project. You might start by checking out AT&T's Emerging Devices site, which has some great information about device certification, project plans, and business models. The link is: www.att.com/edo.

    You could also consider ordering a Dev Kit from this M2M.com site: https://att.m2m.com/devkit/ .

    -Tim R

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      Hi Tim


      Thank you for your reply.  I have spoken with AT&T (Industry and Mobility Alliance Program Manager). He directed me to an individual in development.  I have also spoken with Sara Perry at Jasper.


      We have engaged a design service firm for product development, with production units in November.


      You have confirmed and been a help in our direction