lithium primary battery with extended life for M2M, RFID,GSM, Zigbee, Internet of things

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We are a manufacturer producing Li-SOCl2 batteries (3.6V, non-rechargeable), Li-MnO2 batteries ( 3.0V )used for various industrial applications such as data logger, automatic meter reading, wireless remote monitoring, PIR sensor, wireless detectors, M2M, zigbee, active RFID device, toll charging systems and defense, in various working and natural environments. The product is designed for high energy density and working voltage, long shelf life and a wide working temperature range.

We are able to manufacture a complete size range of the said lithium cells, including Cylindrical size 1/2AA, AA A, C, , D…., 9V, Ultra thin flat battery,  and customized battery packs with various terminators ( solder tabs, connectors, axial pins, lead wire, plastic case for ER14250...), and we offer OEM / ODM services a well.

Please feel free to contact me via or Skype : jackwuhan1  if interested.