Wind Turbine System Monitoring Industrial CDMA RS232, RS485 DTU IP Modem (Re)

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Signshine S3322 serial Industrial CDMA IP modem is a kind of cellular terminal device with RS232/RS485 that provides data transfer function by public CDMA network.

Industrial serial to CDMA modem adopts high powered ARM9 CPU and embedded real time operating system, integrates all the commonly used protocols, such as TCP/IP/UDP and so on, from logical link layer to upper application layer protocols. It provides a secure, high speed, reliable wireless internet connection for customers and supports several ways that trigger DTU to be online, including SMS and data. It also supports double or several data centers.

This CDMA RS232 cellular modem has been widely used in M2M/SCADA field, such as power automation, transportation, financial service terminal, factory automation, water, oil&gas, large machine maintenance, Environment, building automation, outdoor digital signage Remote Sensors, Metering Applicationsect

Industrial Design

1. Industrial high-powered embedded 32 bits CPU

2. Industrial high-powered cellular module

3. Real time OS with completely full TCP/IP protocol

4. Strengthened PCB which follows the principle of 20H and 3W, and adopts health benefits material to ensure the product stability

5. Industrial grade rigorous screened components

6. Industrial power adapter, wide voltage power supply design, power range DC7-32 V, reverse-voltage and overvoltage protection


Stability and Reliability

1. Three-tier system protection, based on the system protection of software protection and WDT

2. Supports VMW (Virtual Man Watch)function

3. SIM/UIM port: 15KV ESD protection

4. RS232/RS485/RS422 port: 15KV ESD protection

5. Housing: Iron, providing IP41 protection, radiation protection, anti-interference, lightning protection

6. Design, special for outdoor harsh environmental application

7. All modules are certified by CGD/CE/FCC certificate

8. Support dynamic domain name(DDNS) and IP access to data center

9. Design with standard TCP/IP protocol stack

10. EMC&EMI outstanding performance, passed 3000V electrical shock test&EMC test


High Performance

1. TCP/UDP transparent data transfer, supports several work mode

2. Support APN and VPDN

3. Support DDNS and IP access to data center

4. Support double data centers for backup

5. Support several data centers

6. Support auto recovery mechanism, including online detect, auto Re-dial when offline to make it always online

7. Support multi online trigger ways, including SMS, ring and data.

8. Support link disconnection when timeout

9. Adopt smart online keeping technology to make sure that DTU is always online

10. Support SMS backup and emergency report

11. Support RSA and RC4 encryption arithmetic

12. Standard AT command interface

13. Support telnet function

14. Support common MODEM function

15. Lower consumption design, sleep mode lee than 1mA, standby mode less than 15mA, communication mode less than 35 ma

16. Support console upgrade firmware

17. Support multi OS, such as WINDOWS, LINUX, SCO UNIX ect


Easy to Use

1. Graphical configuration tool which provides fast configuration and bulk configuration

2. Center software based on C, VC, VB, DEPHI language

3. Compatible with third party software

4. Communication interface: RS232/RS485/RS422/TTL/USB/RJ45


6. Various of DLL based on C, VC, VB, DEPHI language, provide user guide

Checkout software, Serial debugging software, network speed detection software, provide a different level of debugging output


Typical Application

Any problem or concern, please do not hesitate to contact.