m2m industrial CDMA Routers for transparent data transfer 

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F3223 is based on CDMA network and provides customers with high speed, "always online"

1.transparent data transfer channel.





    F3223 CDMA router adopts high-powered ARM9 CPU and embedded real time operating system.It integrates all the commonly used protocols from logical link layer to upper application layer,such as TCP/IP/UDP and so on.And it supports static and dynamic route,PPP Client and PPP server,VPN (including PPTP and L2TP+ IPSEC), DHCP server and client,DDNS (dynamic DNS),firewall,NAT and DMZ host.It provides a secure,high speed,reliable wireless Internet connection for customers.This product has been widely used on finance,water supply,environment protection, electric power system,post and weather fields.


A.       Wireless Specification

1.        Compliant with S-95 A/B and CDMA2000 1xRTT

2.        Support 13K QCELP audio codec


B.       Hardware System

1.        Industrial ARM9 CPU,200M

2.        FLASH4MB (Extendable to 16MB)

3.        SDRAM16MB (Extendable to 64MB)

4.        E2PROM64KB

5.        Interface:

              10/100M Ethernet Port

              RS232 serial port (Support RS422/RS485 if needed), rates: 110~230400bits/s

              Indicator lights: Power, Online, Alarm, System, Link/ACT

              Antenna interface: standard SMA female interface, 50 ohm

              SIM/UIM interface: standard user card interface

              Power interface: standard 3-PIN power jack

              Reset button: restore the router to its original factory default settings

6.        Power supply:

Standard power supply: DC 12V/1.5A

Power range: DC 5~35V

7.        Wireless module:

High-powered industrial CDMA module

8.        Size:

Outline dimension: 157x97x25 mm

9.        Weight: 870 g

10.    Others:

       Operation temperature:-25~+65ºC

Storage temperature: -40~+85ºC

Humidity: 95% (unfreezing)


C.       Software function

1.      Support VPN tunnel, including PPTP and L2TP+IPSEC

2.      Support auto online keeping mechanism, including online detect ,auto redial when offline to make router always online

3.      Support firewall and packet filter

4.      Support multi protocols , such as TCP/IP,UDP,ICMP,SMTP,HTTP,POP3,OICQ,TELNET,FTP ,SNMP ,etc.

5.      Support dynamic and static route

6.      Support DHCP server

7.      Support NAT, such as SNAT, DNAT etc.

8.      Support dynamic DNS (DDNS)

9.      Support DMZ host

10.  Support route transmission, data communication by serial port. Support data service center management

11.  Support VPDN network

12.  Support WEB configure (local and remote)

13.  Support telnet management and console

14.  Support switch interface, Make multi terminals sharing routers wan connection

15.  Support multi WAN dial method, including auto allocated IP, specifying local IP,  specifying local and remote IP

16.  Can be used as PPP server. Support multi authentication method, such as PAP,CHAP,CHAP-MS ,CHAP-MSV2

17.  Support multi debug method, such as web, console debug and SYSLOG etc.

18.  Support console upgrade firmware

19.  Support TFTP upgrade firmware

20.  Support multi OS, such as WINDOWS, LINUX, SCO UNIX etc.