Webinar: New Survey Findings: Application Intelligence and Connected Devices - How do you Harness the Value?

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Date and time: Thursday, 27 June 2013  - 09:00 ET/14:00 GMT

Online webinar sponsored by Oracle.


Oracle and Beecham have recently conducted a market survey on use of Connected Devices for M2M & Internet of Things (IoT) applications and new trends.


In overview, this first session in our webinar series addresses intelligence in connected devices.


Join Peter Utzschneider from Oracle and Robin Duke-Woolley of Beecham Research as they discuss the findings from this survey and the implications for the M2M & IoT connected devices market.



Discussion will include:


  • What are the key business drivers of your connected devices programme?


  • To what extent do you expect the intelligence required for M2M & IoT applications to change?


  • Would these changes occur at the network edge, at the data center, or both?


  • What are the impacts of these changes on ISV’s and device manufacturers?


  • What are the opportunities for other M2M & IoT players?


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