FAQ for SignShine Industrial Cellular HSPA+ 3G GPRS Router


FAQ for SignShine Industrial Cellular HSPA+ 3G GPRS Router

1. I can't enter into the configure web page.

--Please check if the default IP of Router has been changed, if it has, use the changed IP to enter config web page, and if you forget the user name and password, you can press RESET to go to factory default(Default IP of S352X/S372X:

2.I cant ping the router although it shows online.

--Check if the gateway of PC is IP of S352X/S372X:,)

--The IP address of DNS server is filled in on PC?

--PC should be configured as auto gain IP

--Keep online function shall be available

3.Router works well for some time, but fails to recover after drop off line.

--Make sure enough charge of SIM Card traffic?

--Check if the signal of wireless network is good enough.

--You can check out the problem with log file of router.


4.Router works well, but Alarm is lighting.

--Please check if the antenna is tightly fastened, or put the antenna to where signal is good enough, such as near window, or outside.

  5.What shall I do to make the router online.

--Insert the SIM/UIM card that data function is available.

--Fasten the antenna well.

--Connect RJ45 cable, and power on the router

--Change the PC into auto gain IP address

--After router shows online, you can use it for accessing internet.

6. I have inserted the SIM/UIM card, and fasten the antenna, but router cant be online.

--Please confirm if data function of SIM/UIM is available?

--The SIM/UIM Card is inserted well with SIM Card holder?

--The status of your local wireless network is good enough?

--Please send us the log file for evaluation


7.Why WIFI is unavailable?

--Normally, the effective coverage range for WIFI is 100 meters, and ideal coverage is 60 meters without any obstacle, so please make sure the distance between PC and WIFI shall be less 60 meters without obstacle.


8. How many VPN does your router have?

--Our VPN routers act as client, including PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC and GRE, and you can choose different VPN in accordance with your application.


9.Can you customize the router as we requested?

--OEM and ODM are both welcome, but it may need MOQ.

more information pls browse www.signshine.cn/en/ or email to anniesignshine@gmail.com