Surveillance Solutions to Secure both Assets and the Surrounding Environment---In Vehicle Video Surveillance

In Vehicle Video Surveillance---Signshine Solutions

The Background

In today’s security-conscious world, video monitoring is becoming widespread. Whether, as a deterrent to criminal activity, a way to collect visual evidence or simply a means to monitor remote assets, many organizations are using surveillance solutions to secure both assets and the surrounding environment.


The challenge

  1. 1.a large number of communication node
  2. 2.vibration&mobile harsh environment
  3. 3.The capability to transmit live video in real time,and large volume of video



The solution

To build a wireless network channel to send the data picture to the monitor centers, it requires large bands to transmit the live video as the data picture is huge. SignShine 3G industrial router is connected to the RJ45 Ethernet port the monitor cameras,can meet the requirements of real time data transmitting via HSPA network.

In Vehicle Video Surveillance.jpg

Benefits of the solution:

  1. 1.Easy to deploy and install
  2. 2.Remote access to live video and sound from any bus or train
  3. 3.HDTV video quality with stable picture despite vehicle vibrations and movement


Key benefits of SignShine Router:

  1. 1.Industrial grade IP41,robust in harsh outdoor environment:
    Wide operating temperature:-25-70 Humidity: 95% RH
    Long MTBF (over 30 years!) with high reliability, reducing maintenance costs for  


  1. 2.ARM 9 CPU with MMU for data processing
  2. 3.Support VPN( PPTP/L2TP/ IPSec/GRE)
  3. 4.Reliable link between remote field and center via GPRS/HSPA networks has three   

  layers’ link detection and can redial to internet if failed


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