The risk of cash flow data? SignShine industrial cellular routers solution---POS & Cashier Machine

           SignShine industrial cellular routers solution---POS & Cashier Machine

The Background

In the retail and financial services sectors,POS (Point of Sales) can create impressive new revenue by enabling companies to put machines where they might otherwise not have reached,keeping their machines online for 24/7/365,and shortening or prohibiting the downtime.


The challenge

  1. 1.Remote area with unavailable wire line connection
  2. 2.Machine fault and breakdown
  3. 3.The risk of cash flow data


The solution

SignShine industrial cellular routers provide reliable access by securely connecting POS and kiosk terminals to service institutions with failover protection from circuit disruptions and primary router failure. Back-up connection and disaster recovery functionality ensures uninterrupted, seamless communication between remote sites and headquarters. For additional flexibility, our equipment seamlessly connects to 3G cellular networks to offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional landlines.

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Benefits of the solution:

  1. 1.Wide coverage - reduce the construction cost
  2. 2.Auto-Recovery/Backup connection -- Reliability in un-attended remote sites ensures cash flow can be continuously sent to bank center
  3. 3.Safe -- Secured Tunnels for cash flow (support VPN, Firewall), preventing illegal access


Key benefits of SignShine Router:

  1. 1.Robust in harsh outdoor environment:
    Wide operating temperature:-25-70 Humidity: 95% RH
    Long MTBF (over 30 years!) with high reliability, reducing maintenance costs for


  1. 2.VPNs provide with high-secured tunnels for UP/DOWN data flow, support 


  1. 3.Reliable link between remote field and center via GPRS/HSPA networks has three

  layers’ link detection and can redial to internet if failed,Switch between 3G and   Wan.


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