Industrial UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA Router 4 Lan,VPN,RS232

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Signshine S3724 industrial 4x Lan UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA Router is a wireless cellular router by

using UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA network with industrial grade design and Four Ethernet port and

RS232 or RS485/RS422.

wireless cellular router

Industrial UMTS/WCDMA/HSPA Router adopts high-powered ARM9 processor and embedded

with real time operating system as software support platform, conveniently and transparently

connects one device to a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing serial and

Ethernet devices with only basic configuration.

This Industrial 3G Routerhas been widely used in M2M/SCADA field, such as power automation,

transportation, financial service terminal, factory automation, water, oil&gas, large machine maintenance,

environment, building automation, outdoor digital signage ect.


Industrial Design

※Industrial high-powered embedded 32 bits CPU,200MPS;

   with 16KB Dcache, high-speed cache data speed up data access speed with

   16KB Icache, high-speed instruction cache, enhanced instruction processing speed.

※Industrial high-powered cellular module

※Real time OS Linux 6.2,with MMU and completely full TCP/IP protocol

※Strengthened PCB which follows the principle of 20H and 

    3W, and adopts health benefits material to ensure the product  stability

※Industrial grade rigorous screened components

※Industrial power adapter, wide voltage power supply design,

    power range DC7-32 V, reverse-voltage and overvoltage protection

※Ethernet port: 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection

※Housing: iron, providing IP30 protection, radiation protection,

    anti-interference, lightning protection design, special for outdoor harsh environmental application

   Stability and Reliability

※Online maintenance patents: Intelligent anti-dropped, online

    test, online maintenance, Automatically restart to ensure that equipment is always online

※Three-tier system protection, based on the system protection

    of software protection and WDT, It supports VWM (Virtual  Man Watch)function

※SIM/UIM port: 1.8V/3V/5V standard putter user card interface 15KV ESD protection

※Serial RS232 port: 15KV ESD protection

※All cellular modules are certified by CGD/CE/FCC certificate

※High-speed processing CPU: ARM9 industrial-grade high-speed CPU, can higher speed handle

    a variety of protocol data transfer; solve the "fake    online", "fake death", "crash" and other difficult problems.

※Large memory: FLASH64Mbits, SDRAM, 256Mbits, a large memory to cache data sent by customer,

   meanwhile receiving large packets, no data lose.

※Complete protocol stack: the system loaded complete TCP / IP protocol stack, using

  comprehensive TCP / IP protocol stack; so that network traffic performance shows outstanding,

    the drop-line probability dramatically reduced

※EMC performance outstanding: passed 3000V electrical shock test, especially suitable for

    use under harsh industrial environments; system EMC / EMI performs excellent, system stable

    and reliable; passed EMC test;

High Performance

※Supports Ethernet data communication and packet forwarding, also supports serial

    port TCP / UDP transparent data transmission or serial    configuration

※Support VPN tunnel, including PPTP, MPPE, L2TP, GRE and IPSEC

※Intelligent anti-dropped, support online testing, online maintenance, automatic redial, router is always on-line

※Support IPTABLES firewall, packet filtering

※support Regular on-line offline functionality, can set the device on-line and offline in a certain period of time

※Support a variety of trigger and offline modes, including text

   messages, phone ringing, serial port data, network data trigger and offline mode

※Support dynamic routing and static routing, RIPv1, RIPv2,


※Support multiple protocols: TCP / IP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, OICQ, TELNET, FTP, etc.

※Support DHCP / DHCPD functionality

※Supports NAT port mapping function, such as SNAT, DNAT

※Support DDNS(Dynamic Domain Name Server): support ORAY, 88IP, and DYNDNS domain name service provider

※Support DMZ

※Support the APN / VPDN network

※Convenient WEB configuration, Remote WEB Management

※Support WEB configuration save and restore to achieve the rapid deployment parameters backup and batch of equipment

※Support telnet management, user-friendly console shell

     interactive environment

※Support multiple terminals sharing router ppp wan

※Support multiple wireless dial-up mode: automatically

assigned, specify the IP, specify local and remote IP

※Support both LINUX and WINDOWS operating systems

※Support as a PPP server, multiple authentication methods,

※support mutual authentication

※Easy to use COM and SYSLOG System diagnostics,


※Support Serial port local software upgrades

※Supports TFTP remote software upgrade

※Support real-time clock

Easy to Use

※Factory default configuration parameters, customers need only

   to modify some parameters, do not even need to change any

    parameter, you can quickly use the equipment

※After eight years of sedimentation, equipments are completed and easy of use.

※Graphical configuration tool: improved graphical configuration

    tool that provides rapid deployment capabilities for customers

    to achieve rapid deployment; provides bulk configuration.

※ Product manual offers quick configuration instructions, you can quickly setup the equipment

※software checking : Provides SYSLOG log output function, can be used as equipment work

     logs and help to analyze the reasons for exceptions; Provides the serial port debugging log,

    providing different levels of debugging output, enabling customers to view a variety of information,

     quickly locate the problem.