Xiamen Signshine Outdoor Digital Advertisement

Outdoor Digital Advertisement

The Background

Nowadays more and more advertisement operators want to catch potential buyers’s

eyes,in order to arouse the interest of related goods,especial for application of full

color static display in in/outdoor advertising billboard, street window display, as

well as transportation/ station information board industries.

The challenge

1.Outdoor harsh environment

2.Dispersed location of each display

3.Timely update of released content in unattended area

The solution

In order to provide advertisement operators with remote display monitoring

management , we propose SignShine Router. SignShine Router can be connected

with IPC by RJ45 cable at the remote site,as it was a compact designed router

which we can put in the small box in the cabinet behind the IPC.The IPC were set to

check update once a day in the midnight, and when the request of updating IPC was

sent, it would trigger Router dial up to the internet, then the IPC could download new

content which would be on show the next day.

Benefits of the solution:

1.No manual update and maintenance needed in unattended area 

2.Reduce remote advertisement updating time and keep contents always fresh 

3.Flexible networking without considering cable construction, meanwhile reduce


Key benefits of SignShine Router:

1.Industrial Grade —Robust in harsh outdoor environments (wide

temperature/humidity, vibration, harsh electromagnetic conditions )

2.Secured VPNs (IPSec/PPTP/GRE/L2TP)

3.Reliable link between remote field and center with link detection and auto-recovery