Elevator Status Monitoring System

Elevator Status Monitoring System

The Background
With the growing number of high-rise building design and construction of quality
improvement,the elevator manufacturers not only concern about the the requirements
of the elevator taking fast, comfortable, strong manufacturing, good decoration,but
also people safety and reliability and versatility on the elevator.So the needs and
requirements is moving in the direction of the development of intelligent control.   

The challenge
1.Harsh environment
2.Dispersed location of each elevator
3.Various of monitoring data needed, security&reliability

The solution
In order to provide customers with remote diagnosis reporting service , we propose
SignShine DTU. SignShine DTU can be connected with PLC by RS485 at the remote
site,and PLC connected with several sensors which were used to measure the status
(temperature, vibration amplitude, etc.) of the elevator key parts. This DTU
can build up TCP/IP transparent communication link to the monitoring center,real time and mutual channel.


Benefits of the solution:
1.Easy and flexible installation for dispersed elevators
2.Real time data transmission,automatic detection and recovery
3.Highly efficient and stable monitoring system

Key benefits of SignShine DTU:
1.Industrial design for harsh environment.
Wide operation temperature: -25~65
Power input: 7-32V DC 
EMC&EMI test passed
2.OS with MMU(memory management unit)for fast data processing
3.Metal housing:fanless cooling technology, IP41 protection


If you have any question, please don't hesitate  to contact Annie at anniesignshine@gmail.com