AMR(Automatic Meter Reading)by GPRS

The Background
With urbanization and the development of communication technology,
automatic meter reading(ARM) system based on network is becoming
more popular, in stead of traditional human reading method.It has applications
within the electricity, gas and water utility industries for domestic, commercial
and industrial applications. 

The challenge
1.To acquire meters’ data spread over geographically
2.The security and interoperability with various makes and versions of meters
3.The requirements of transmitting large amounts of data

The solution
Based on the requirements of meter automatic reading, we provided GPRS based
solution.SignShine DTU can be connected with concentrator by RS485 or meters
directly,it has GPRS Simcard inserted which can communicate via mobile wireless
network.These SIM cards could provide special private APN (Private Access Point Network)
service which prevented access from public internet and also enabled the access from the
power company’s data center to a certain remote meter.

Benefits of the solution:
1.Easy to deploy network and all the meters covered.
2.Secure channel for meter data communication,real time data transmission.
3.Mistakes avoided by human error and labor costs saving

Key benefits of SignShine DTU:
1.Industrial design and wide voltage power supply design for harsh environment.
Wide operation temperature: -25~65
Power input: 7-32V DC 
EMC&EMI test passed
2.OS with MMU(memory management unit)for fast data processing.
3.Support several work mode and protocols,customized firmware supported.


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