Air Conditioner Cooling System

           GPRS Serial DTU for Air Conditioner Cooling System


The Background
The global air conditioning market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth
rate , according to a report from Companies & Markets.There has been a rapid
increase in competition among air conditioning vendors over the last few years. This
increase in competition has led to improve their service and reducing maintenance


The challenge
1.How to decrease the chance of machine breakdown
2.How to avoid unnecessary loss led by engineers operation failure
3.How to save maintenance cost


The solution
Based on the requirements of value added service including status analysis, running
diagnosis and maintenance service , we propose SignShine DTU. SignShine DTU
can be connected with PLC by RS485 at the remote site,and PLC connected with
several sensors which were used to measure the status (temperature, vibration
amplitude, etc.) of the air-conditioner key parts. This DTU can build up TCP/IP
transparent communication link to the monitoring center,real time and mutual




Benefits of the solution:
1.Easy to deploy network and all the air conditioner covered.
2.Real time data transmission,automatic detection and recovery
3.Highly efficient and stable monitoring system


Key benefits of SignShine DTU:
1.Industrial design for harsh environment.
   Wide operation temperature: -25~65℃
   Power input: 7-32V DC 
   EMC&EMI test passed
2.OS with MMU(memory management unit)for fast data processing,real time
3.Metal housing:fanless cooling technology, IP41 protection