Signshine S3122 CDMA Modem

Signshine S3122 CDMA Modem is a kind of cellular terminal device with RS232 that provides SMS, dial-up and CSD function by public CDMA network.

It adopts high-powered industrial cellular module and supports RS232 port that can conveniently connect one device to a cellular network, allowing you to connect to your existing serial device.

This product has been widely used in M2M/SCADA field,such as power automation, transportation, financial service terminal, factory automation, water, oil&gas, large machine maintenance, environment, building automation, outdoor digital signage ect.

Industrial Design

※Industrial high-powered cellular module

※Strengthened PCB which follows the principle of 20H and 

  3W,and adopts health benefits material to ensure the product  


※Industrial grade rigorous screened components

※Industrial power adapter, wide voltage power supply design,

  power range DC7V~DC32V, reverse-voltage and overvoltage


Stability and Reliability

Support serial port I/O reset,offer DLL with control functions for I/O reset.

SIM/UIM port: 15KV ESD protection

RS232: 15KV ESD protection

Housing: iron, providing IP41 protection, radiation protection,

  anti-interference, lightning protection design, special for 

  outdoor harsh environmental application

All modules are certified by CGD/CE/FCC certificate

EMC&EMI outstanding performance, passed 3000V electrical shock test&EMC test

High Performance

Support to send and receive Chinese,English,number and SMS 


Support APN and VPDN

Offer VB/VC/C#/DEPHI  DLL for test,secondary development

Support to send bulk SMS

Support standard AT command

Support WINDOW/LINUX ect

Easy to Use

Offer the software to send and receive bulk SMS

Offer Center software based on C#,VC,VB,DEPHI language