HTML5, is the up and coming Flash killer, it is a new web technology lead by Apple in web application development. It contains several new functions which includes the “Canvas” element for images , animation and drawings, it also supports video and audio embedding, and includes storage database functions for offline web applications.


HTML5 does not need a plugin , most current browsers support HTML5 and  Websocket today. Websockets can be used by any client or server application. The Websocket protocol is an independent TCP-based protocol. that makes it possible to realize near real-time interaction between a browser and a device, facilitating a host of applications that can benefit from this enhanced technology.


The WS100 is a HTML5 Websocket controller is a stand alone embedded controller on a module. http://www.ip-devices.com


The evaluation platform includes all the components needed to use the module and test your websocket application. The components included on the evaluation board are listed here.


WS100 Websocket Controller Module

8 LED(s) connected to Digital I/O Ports

1 LED connected to Digital to Analog Port

2 potentiometers connected to Analog to Digital Ports

Speaker Output Port

Power and Reset Switch Inputs

User Button Input

Light Sensor connected to Analog to Digital Port

Temerature Sensor connected to Analog to Digital Port

WIFI Module & Antenna

USB Cable

Battery Module and AC Power Adapter

Users Guide