M2M Solution Provider company-Ennovasys

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Greetings from Ennovasys!             

An M2M Solution Provider company


Let me provide some information about our company.


Ennovasys is an Enterprise Mobility company helping its customers to acquire real-time intelligence using wireless technologies like RFID, GPS, Mobile and NFC. We are one of top few companies globally to offer RFID-GPS integrated solutions. Real-time intelligence facilitates enterprises to achieve process automation, reduce cost, improve utilization and increase overall productivity.

Ennovasys is a multinational company with HQs in Chennai, India, with Liaison Offices in Egypt, USA and quickly expanding to other countries.

We have customers and partners in USA, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Canada and Singapore. We design, manufacture and supply related products to our customers and partners all over the world. More information is available at our web site http://www.ennovasys.com

We specialized in M2M Solution, RFID, GPS and Mobile based solutions. We are one of the few companies to offer RFID-GPS integrated