M2M Embedded Wireless LTE 4G Router F3834 Sierra Wireless Module  MC7700/MC7710/MC7750

Hi Everybody,Nice to meet you here again.

Today,i just want to ask what LTE 4G Router should choose and which 4G module should be embedded in.

Nowadays,LTE technology will be most popular and widely used in the near future,the serious problem is approaching,

Which wireless LTE 4G module will you put into practice to ensure everything ok,to make  really smart M2M whole worldwide?


For this beginning stage,we use sierra wireless 4G module MC7700/MC7710/MC7750 for LTE 4G Router F3834,so far, everything seams

ok,but LTE 4G Router F3834 need more and further test for stability and performance in varies application of M2M.


Or do you have any other embedded wireless module to introduce to our LTE 4G Router F3834


Pls look at our LTE 4G Router F3834 as attached firstly.


Do you have any others suggestion?



I welcome sincerely your ideas and suggestion.