• M2M platforms - application platforms, connection platform, business model

    Hello all,   M2M newbie here. I have some questions about M2M platforms. Apologies in advance if these are a little basic but any help would be very much appreciated.   Firstly, as I understand it, there a...
    Leo Fernandez
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  • How does Billing happens in M2M mechanism?

    In M2M services, M2M device is connected to M2M gateway, core Telecom Network & then connected to M2M software applications. My questions is, how billing happens for these M2M devices? How usage is calculated &am...
    Makarand Nikam
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  • M2M Device Aggregator

    Are there companies who manage your edge devices and perform the middleware function? They would manage all the data uploads/downloads to the edge devices, OTA updates from the carrier etc., then send the data to you?
    Scott Casstevens
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  • FCC Certification

    Hello all, I am looking into one of the "Trace Me" modules from KCS (link) for a M2M application in the US. The GSM radio is FCC certified, but the module as a whole is not (as far as I know). Do I need to obtain sep...
    H Kurkevan
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  • Adding SMS payment capabilities to a vending machine?

    Hi,   I am looking for the easiest way to add SMS payment capabilities to certain vending machines, but I do not have much experience in M2M and not sure where to start. Are there any all-in-one standard modules...
    Mike S
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  • Which further content to add to the IoT M2M Cookbook?

    Latest version of IoT M2M Cookbook IoT M2M Coobook version 2014-10-06 for download IoT M2M Cookbook Table of Contents In September I have written seven more pages. The latest updates of the book are inspired by my...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Gain comunication inside trucks & containers

    Hi to all   1º Is there a easy way to gain comunication inside truck or container in such a way that no antenna outside is needed for GPS /GSM?   2º Is possible and is there an easy way to conver...
  • Linux Based PPP

    We are new to the world of M2M. We are using an embedded arm linux system with a GSM cellular modem, originally configured for T-Mobile. We are trying to configure it for Jasper. We've tried simple things, like swappi...
    Kevin Gordon
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  • F2X03 DTU IP MODEM Natural Gas Heating System Solution.pdf

    System Introduction   The rapid development of natural gas utilization and construction industry in our country,makes the condition gradually mature to extensive use of natural gas in the city.National energy con...
    mandy Lin
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  • Stable Mash Network+Disruptive Application ! Four-Faith will show the power of wireless communication by shanghai self-service .pdf

    FourFaith will show the power of wireless communication by shanghai selfservice show 2014 the 11th China International Self-service Kiosk Vending Show will be held on Sep. 25th to 27th on shanghai exhibition hall. As ...
    mandy Lin
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  • Exosite – Arduino demo projects and code Library

    Exosite has created Arduino library that makes it much easier to get started communicating to Exosite's Platform and building Portals dashboards with your date.  We want to enable engineers and creative thinkers ...
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • Telit HE910 Cannot get context after sleeping

    Hello   I am having trouble establishing context after sleep.  So below I communicate with server and go to sleep:   AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 0 AT+CGREG? +CGREG: 0,1 0 {uC:20000}AT+CGDCONT=1,IP,xxxxxx.com...
    Timofey Sitnikov
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  • Getting started with Exosite and Emerj M2M

    The 400AP is a gateway that runs Linux as its operating system.  To create an application on the 400AP, developers can install the Exosite Python library (pyonep) on the 400AP and begin writing apps that provisio...
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • M2M devices applicated in bus wifi car wifi solution

    Considering from passengers’ experience, once the journey time become overlong, passengers’ physical and psycho fatigue will reach the limit. Mostly the entertainment provided from coaches are just only n...
    James Zhan
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  • Natural Gas Heating System Solution

    天然气供热供暖系统解决方案 Natural Gas Heating System Solution 系统介绍 System Introduction 我国天然气利用和建筑行业的快速发展,使得在城市里大量使用天然气的条件逐渐成熟。国家节能减排和环境保护的要求,也产生了以天然气为热源进行区域供暖的需求。现天然气供热供暖主要应用于小区用户,每个使用阶段需要派专员到小区每家每户抄写天然气使用量,大大增加了劳动成本,且效率极其低下。结合使用...
    Ian zheng
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  • FTP download problem with Telit GL865

    Hi, I'm having an FTP problem I'm hoping you can help me with. I trying to set up a script to do a an FTP download of a 62K byte binary file using a Telit GL865. The script is as follows and seems to work fine until I...
    Micheal Carolan
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  • Five things to consider when developing your connected device strategy – Webinar

    Webinar date: Thursday, 25 September 2014- 10:00 AM PDT (10:00 LA, 13:00 NY, 18:00 UK, 19:00 Paris, 20:00 Dubai) The number of connected devices is growing at an astronomical rate these days as more and more manufactu...
    Marek Maroszek
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  • Testing CDMA mode in Europ

    Hello, I'm planning to get a CDMA 3G modem to develope an application for it, and since I'm located in France where there  is only GSM network I don't know how I can test the module ?   Is there any simula...
    Hicham M
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  • Cell/GPS Module, Production Stage Testing

    I have a device with cell/gps module and internal antennas, enclosed in a plastic + aluminum enclosure. What is the normal procedure for testing the whole device in production stage, prior to shipping. I assume making...
    paul calinawan
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  • IoT M2M Cookbook – Which chapters/topics to add?

    I started to follow the wishes of the book readers. I am listening in detail to the companies that placed an order for concultancy with me. And I would like to ask the community at M2M.com as well. Please be so kind a...
    Harald Naumann
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