• Companies for Network Simulation & Device Testing

    Hi,   We're looking for companies that are (or have partners) in the Netherlands (or Benelux) that can help us test our 2G (GPRS/EDGE) M2M devices.   We need an environment where we can simulate real netwo...
  • SIM900 - No network service

    I've spent about 3 days trying to find an answer so as a last resort I thought I would ask for help.   I recently bought a low cost SIM900 prototyping module from ITEAD Studio. This is the device I bought -> ...
    Dave Coates
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  • lithium primary battery with extended life for M2M, RFID,GSM, Zigbee, Internet of things

    Hello, We are a manufacturer producing Li-SOCl2 batteries (3.6V, non-rechargeable), Li-MnO2 batteries ( 3.0V )used for various industrial applications such as data logger, automatic meter reading, wireless remote m...
    jack lee
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  • TI Stellaris plus AT Modem project to connect to Exosite

    This project demonstrates how to use a Stellaris Development Kit to send and receive data to/from the cloud via Exosite's Cloud Data Platform. The communication with the cloud is accomplished over HTTP with the Janus-...
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • Global SIM??

    Hi All,   I have been reading on the forum and trying to understand the concept of Global SIM which is what Vodafone as an example has globally across all the operators. Has anyone worked or knows how there solu...
    AZ Sher
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  • Use of wireless card with router

    Hi,   I am considering an integration of Mikrotik router plus a 3g card for use with an up camera. Would I need to have this certified for use on carrier networks?   I would like to sell the cameras with...
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  • find a job

    hello kabayan pls. help me find job here in dubai....
    melanie puño
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  • Why paying for an embedded GSM antenna if you can get the antenna for free?

    The antenna at the picture or a lot of other embedded GSM antennas  you will get free of charge. There is no reason to pay for. You just  have to spend an area of estimated 800 to 1000 mm² on your PCB. ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Is possible to place an Antenna inside a metal case?

    Hi everybody I'm developing a device that needs both GPS and GPRS modules. This device has to be burglary, so I do prefer not place the antennas outside, but inside the metal case that protects the device. I wonder...
    Diego Del Mul
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  • IoT M2M Cookbook abstract

    April 2014 @ M2M Journal http://www.m2m-alliance.com/fileadmin/user_upload/pdf/m2mJournal/140402_M2M_Journal_low.pdf The example of a locating device based on cellular modules (GSM, HSPA, LTE) and GNSS modules (GPS, ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • What kind of server should i use ?

    I am working with Telit GL865 gsm/gprs module. I want to send data from module and store it in a database. I did some search on google about server basics and server types but i'm a little confused right now. So, what...
    Ogün Güleç
    created by Ogün Güleç
  • MultiMSISDN problem for 2G to 3G switching

    dear Friends, am working on a MultiMSISDN with one sim cards solution, the solution can be described shortly as below: the IMSI of the simcards is linked to two different profile from the HLR side, the first profile...
    rafik benlamine
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  • Non - rechargeable lithium battery with extended life ( over 5 years ) for zigbee, z-wave, active RFID, GPS,GSM,GPRS,IoT related products.

    Hello Everyone, I am Jack from FANSO battery, we are a manufacturer producing lithium primary batteries for zigbee, z-wave, dash7, active RFID, GPS, GPRS, GSM, IoT related products, please feel free to contact me via ...
    jack lee
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  • Talking Heads: Big data challenges and crisp replies as Oracle and partners leverage its platforms for IoT devices

    As we enter the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) Jeremy Cowan asks Oracle’s Dave Hofert how we can benefit from the burgeoning data streams now available to service providers. What lessons in device and data ...
    Anita Podsiadło
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  • GSM Modem Inter AT command delay and response delay

    Hi,   I have two queries as follows   1. Inter AT command delay:   If I send any AT command eg: AT\r\n and if i get a valid response for the command eg: <CR><LF>OK<CR><LF> ...
  • Long life lithium battery ( over 5 years, non-rechargeable ) for M2M, Zigbee, GPS, GSM, RFID, Dash7,Wireless remote sensors

    Hello, Anyone interested in long life lithium battery ( over 5 years , non-rechargeable ) lithium battery for M2M, GPS, GSM, GPRS, zigbee, RFID, wireless remote sensor or monitor, please feel free to contact me via li...
    Jack Lee
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  • Getting all ICCID's from account via API

    Hi,   We're new to JasperWireless, and are trying to get all ICCID's from our account via the API, but we can't find a request or method to do so, only to search them by MSISDN or SecureSIM-ID..   Is there...
    Sander Dekkers
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  • M2M retail SIMs and data plans

    Are individual SIMs and data plans for M2M GPRS/GSM equipment available through AT&T stores?   --> I guess what I'm really asking is if a 3rd party service exists to provision and bill by the SIM on an...
    Bill Carpenter Jr
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  • EK-TM4C1294XL Connected LaunchPad

    The Tiva C Series TM4C1294 LaunchPad features on-board emulation, which means you can program and debug your projects without the need for additional tools.  Texas Instruments and Exosite have brought you the fou...
    Joshua Simi
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  • Dual sim slots

    how to design dual sim slot in  any gsm module ?    i have use  only one sim slot module (gsm click and telit ,  sim900 etc... )