• Exosite – Arduino demo projects and code Library

    Exosite has created Arduino library that makes it much easier to get started communicating to Exosite's Platform and building Portals dashboards with your date.  We want to enable engineers and creative thinkers ...
    Joshua Simi
    created by Joshua Simi
  • Telit HE910 Cannot get context after sleeping

    Hello   I am having trouble establishing context after sleep.  So below I communicate with server and go to sleep:   AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 0 AT+CGREG? +CGREG: 0,1 0 {uC:20000}AT+CGDCONT=1,IP,xxxxxx.com...
    Timofey Sitnikov
    created by Timofey Sitnikov
  • Adding SMS payment capabilities to a vending machine?

    Hi,   I am looking for the easiest way to add SMS payment capabilities to certain vending machines, but I do not have much experience in M2M and not sure where to start. Are there any all-in-one standard modules...
    Mike S
    created by Mike S
  • Cell/GPS Module, Production Stage Testing

    I have a device with cell/gps module and internal antennas, enclosed in a plastic + aluminum enclosure. What is the normal procedure for testing the whole device in production stage, prior to shipping. I assume making...
    paul calinawan
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  • IoT M2M Cookbook – Which chapters/topics to add?

    I started to follow the wishes of the book readers. I am listening in detail to the companies that placed an order for concultancy with me. And I would like to ask the community at M2M.com as well. Please be so kind a...
    Harald Naumann
    created by Harald Naumann
  • M2M opportunities in Healthcare

    The use of M2M in Healthcare has been around for some time now with areas such as patient monitoring, medical asset tracking, and organisation of healthcare workflows. Below is an  interesting new report on ...
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  • If Smart Metering is your thing, be sure to look here.

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  • Career Guidance in M2M

    HI Guys,   I am seeking my career in M2M solutions as I foresee huge and big Market of M2M on Cellular Networks in my Country. Can you folks please guide me the Organizations or companies should I look for in te...
    Muhammad Khan
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  • M2M- Wireless Home Control System

    Wireless Home control system-(personal project) Using mobile phone to control home electric device via SMS or pc-based admin.   May helps on these:   1. What kind of wireless connection should be used to ...
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  • GPRS - How to detect a connection lost?

    I use Multi-Tech MTSMC-H5 GPRS modem, which has a Telit HE910-D radio module on board, for an embedded application. I am experiencing the issue that the network drops the connection without giving any indication. Basi...
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  • How to select the chinese GSM modules?

    Hi Guys,   I m rookie in M2M field, need some help from you. We are considering to use low cost modules in our tracking device.   Anyone had experience in using chinese modules? I know there are several&nb...
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  • Telit 'Listen Socket' Problem

    Hello,   I have a problem on the Telit - GL865 module for listen socket. I attached below some screen pictures about the comm. datas too... Module can connect to my pc easly(AT#SD). But i could not connect to it ...
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  • Why paying for an embedded GSM antenna if you can get the antenna for free?

    The antenna at the picture or a lot of other embedded GSM antennas  you will get free of charge. There is no reason to pay for. You just  have to spend an area of estimated 800 to 1000 mm² on your PCB. ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • 3G for M2M in Canada and USA

    Hello,   I am very interested to know the progress on M2M using 3G in Canada and USA.    I am new to this and not clear on the understanding of migration (if there is??) from 2G to 3G in Canada and U...
    Brett R
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  • Embedded SIM

    Hello M2M Friends   As you are all aware the embedded SIM is not getting common in the market since the GSMA published the embedded SIM remote provisioning spec that can be downloaded from the GSMA website below...
    AZ Sher
    created by AZ Sher
  • GSM/GPRS certified module selection

    Hello! I need a little help with module manufacturer selection. Basically, we want to include in our design a pre-certified module and we are currently considering Telit, Sierra wireless and Cinterion. Based on Your e...
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  • Looking for m2m data only in EU

    I am looking for a m2m data only provider for the EU market and then potentially Australia. Are there any providers that give cellular data only access across EU without having to sign up with every country?   ...
    Araz Inguilizian
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  • AT commands to switch between 2G and 3G

    Hi there,   I am looking for AT commands that could force my modem to choose a 3G network instead of a 2G one. Do we have any control over that via AT commands? My modem and SIM are fully 3G capable. Right now w...
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  • Start/end session business rules for push api

    How can I set this up? No where in the rules where this can be done!   Mohamad
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  • How to use Push an API Message -- API Endpoint URL in Rules.

    Hi All, Can anyone help me to know how to use Push an API Message -- API Endpoint URL in Rules.   I have created a rule...i.e when ever the device status changes from De-Activated to Activated I want that infor...
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