• SIM900 with AT&T

    HI,   I am in the very early prototype phase of a project (actually doing a proof of concept) that utilizes a SIM900 attached to an Arduino for prototyping.  For service I am using a AT&T GoPhone SIM (u...
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  • GPRS: Immediately detect broken session

    Hi All, I would like to get any experiences from anyone who works with GPRS connection. My project is GPS locator which records traces to own memory. I need to connect public server and keep open session for fast res...
    Martin Petřík
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  • WyzBee – your IoT enabler

    WyzBee board The WyzBee board of Redpine Signals includes a wireless module providing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, and ZigBee connectivity. Moreover it holds a six-axis inertial sensors, an infra-red receiver, a debug port, ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Is certification mandatory? Modules, Modems, and Operators

    For IOT M2M applications operating in the US, there three levels of certification/approval: Regulatory (FCC), Association (PTCRB), and Operator (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc). Assuming I'm working initially on a small scal...
    Austin A
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  • mwifi Andriod

    Anybody knows if there is any manufacturer that develop a mobile LTE device with hotspot using Android OS?
    Omair Naim
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  • Why paying for an embedded GSM antenna if you can get the antenna for free?

    The antenna at the picture or a lot of other embedded GSM antennas  you will get free of charge. There is no reason to pay for. You just  have to spend an area of estimated 800 to 1000 mm² on your PCB. ...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Free Webinar:  Analyzing Data with Zigbee Sniffer Training

    In this Free Webinar You Will Learn About Introduction to Zigbee Technology Using Zigbee Wireless Sniffers for Data Packet Analysis SmartRF Protocol Packet Sniffer Zigbee I/O Pairing Wireless Data Acquisition wit...
    Maria Lemone
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  • Free Webinar:  How to Set up a Data Logging System in 5 Minutes

    In this Free Online training you will learn about:   1. Introduction to Data Logging Technology 2. Data Logging Equipment 3. 5 Ways to do Data Logging in 5 Minutes 4. How to Set Up a PC Based Data Logging Syst...
    Maria Lemone
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  • Integrated Chip set vs Module?

    Hi All,   We are in the design phase for a new device, and we are trying to determine whether we should utilize an integrated module/chipset like something from Infineon or TI, or if we just use a standard modul...
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  • Vehicle WIFI Solution Bus WIFI Car WIFI Router

    HIGH-SPEED INTERNET IS JUST A CLICK AWAY, NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO.When you convert your vehicle into a traveling WiFi hotspot, you’ll always have the world at your fingertips. Our cutting-edge mobile WiFi solutio...
    Peter Zhang
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  • Integrated GPS/GSM module with sensor integrated

    Dear all,   Am new to this Section.   Am looking for GPS/GSM module with Sensor Integrated. The sensor might be Tilt Or Vibration or Temperature or Motion Sensor.   Need to know can i get that type o...
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  • The IoT button – Fantasy or Business?

      The IoT button – Fantasy or Business? Samsung and Telefonica do have „Lego“ for IoT buttons. Read more: http://www.totaltele.com/view.aspx?ID=490141 Are we able to make a mint of money wit...
    Harald Naumann
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  • Solderable SIMs

    I have just learnt about the existence of solderable SIMs today.    In our product with have a socket, so the devices can be used in different countries.  However, it would be interesting to see if we...
    Sean McMahon
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  • LTE in a box

    Telit dev kits with everything you need to get started are available here: http://www.semiconductorstore.com/pages/asp/Item.asp?ItemNumber=LTE-IN-A-BOX-VERIZON 3G or LTE kits available - includes antenna, SIM, sample...
    Chris Binnie
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  • CAN Connections on 2015 Merc

    Hello.   We have fitted a Tracking device to a 2015 Mercedes and we are not seeing any CAN data. Does anyone know where the connections are and if there are 2 different sets FMS enabled and not FMS enabled. &nb...
    James Whittaker
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  • Webinar: How and why the IoT is changing business models

    Traditionally, the main focus of device manufacturers was to deliver a physical product with the respective functionality and to maintain this product throughout its life-cycle. But times have changed. Join Flexera...
    Izabela Prońko
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  • Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe

    Hi Im Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe for a project im working on , im looking for 1gb, 3gb, 5gb & 10gb sims, or a 100gb pool of data that i can pull from with up to 25 sim cards, i would like ...
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  • NFV Roundtable Part 2: Mitigating Deployment Risks

    This roundtable will examine the deployment challenges operators face as they virtualise their network functions.   We’ll discuss: • Why virtualised VoLTE and virtualised CPE are the first NFV use ca...
    Izabela Prońko
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  • Providers of m2m connectivity globally

    Hi,   I am looking for some guidance on how 2 things - providers and potential pricing.   The m2m device is will connect to the network but not frequently and generate small amounts of data, i.e., not more...
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  • Antenna check - free of charge @ M2M Forum in Milan  28-29 April 2015

    The latest service we can offer is to measure antennas by Vector Network Analyser (VNA) local. I bought a VNA in size of three cigarette boxes. The VNA is PC based and connected by USB. This small, inexpensive tool al...
    Harald Naumann
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