Hicham M
Hello,   I'm looking for a ready to use devices that has these features build-in : -GSM/EDGE/GPRS/3G module will be appreciated to have another version that supports CDMA -GPS module -WIFI module…
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youssef saqr
Hi All,     In simple words, I'm puzzled with many vendors of M2M, and there are many M2M devices, Many microcontrollers/modules which do different things.     I really don't know where to start if…
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Jim Crowder
I'm hearing rumblings that AT&T may have and continues to shut down local markets for 2G.  My question is, are they really shutting down 2G prior to the Sunset date?  Or is this a misunderstanding…
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javier barrera
E X E L L I O S – Advanced M2M SolutionsExellios specializes in M2M technology. We are one of the industry’s only comprehensive solutions developers of custom M2M technologies. This includes…
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Arif Suprabowo
Using SOAP API, what is the request name to be used if i want to get default active communication plan for every accounts?   /supra
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Hi, I am using Telit GL 868 Dual V3 modem. AT command AT#SD has got a parameter for UDP local port. Suppose it is assigned with value 5060. UDP server is running on my PC. When the command is…
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Glitch Glitch
Is there an API available in JW that we can use to : 1. Track the current data usage of a session (Getsessioninfo does not display the data).   We want to block a SIM with a certain amount of data…
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Hi,   I am a little confused regards the differences between a SIMs IMSI, MSISDN and ICCID. What are they and how are they used?   Many Thanks! Alex.
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Matters Most
Read our latest summary on fleet management in Europe. If you want further information about fleet management market research please visit
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