David Howe
Hi there,   We are looking for a provider who can give us the best pricing for our project starting in South Africa. The SIMS will be used in our GSM module which acts as a monitoring tool,…
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leslie anne dumpit
We provide our customers a   good Filipina cleaner. We extremely select best cleaners from Philippines, Because we always want our customers goes back to us every time they need for our best and good service. 
We have Filipina Cleaners who are available to work full time and stay in,with or without day off depends on our Client .
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leslie anne dumpit
our company Shine Pearls Cleaning Services is looking for a Philippine national(female) full time cleaners .feel free to drop your cv's
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leslie anne dumpit
hi my boss needs a philippines national   female driver who is resided here in dubai right now .. straightly girl , with uae driving license and has a 1 year experience .
Olivier Thyes
Hi   I'm looking for simple 2-button device that looks like a PC mouse: - Cable = power supply - left button = send SMS with text 'abc1' to MSISDN xxx - right button = send SMS with text 'abc2'…
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Ray F
I'm in need of help and advice on how I can use a m2m cellular board with integrated Cellular LTE modem USB port as Ethernet.   To be exact a device such as Connected IO LT1000S OR Multi-Tech…
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Matthew England
My name is Matt, I am in my final year studying sustainable product design at the university of Brighton, for my final year project I am working on a cycle safety product. I'm looking for a modular…
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Jack Ferrari
Hello All, new to the board,   I am working with a Telit GL865-Quad V3, and as I run through the FTP set up process I have no issue getting an IP and connected to the FTP server.  The issue I am…
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Hi Im Looking for DATA only sim cards in USA & Europe for a project im working on , im looking for 1gb, 3gb, 5gb & 10gb sims, or a 100gb pool of data that i can pull from with up to 25 sim cards, i…
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Ian zheng
Four-Faith F7114 GPS Cellular Modem for Refrigerated ContainerDate: 2014-09-03   Hits:232   Model : Four-Faith F7114 GPS Cellular Modem Industries : system integrator Application: A customer from…
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